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Humans still beat machines by a mile (or more)

June 3, 2015

There is this constant spiel on how robots can uptake human jobs in the not so distant future. I had my own reservations about that. I for one, had always compared the natural evolution of human processes. For example, we may be writing far less after the invention of typewriter and word processor, but we do write with our mind as often as ever. May be the Input / output medium may not be a piece of paper with a pen, it’s still the organic human mind at work. Advanced robotics or Artificial Intelligence can all come. But to replace our good old neural network that collates and compiles our thinking, they have to go miles.  They need to develop the equivalent of emotion and sense. They need to smell a flower and call it by a name. That, isn’t going to be easy.

So with that basic framework, I chanced upon Marc Andreesen’s post.  He had squared it all up and with illustrations.  Please do read it if you want to get rid of your lump-of-labor inhibition.