Try hiring an entrepreneur

Much as founding teams would like to hire future leaders, they would in fact be looking for true blue entrepreneurs to lead their enterprise into the next phase of growth.  Having been in the founding mode for quite a while, they know how it’s like to be in the trenches and what takes an entrepreneur come of age.  Having been thro all that grind and having survived it, why would any one leave that joy of enjoying one’s own fruits of labor and the freedom that comes with it to move on to manage someone else’s enterprise?

 Actually speaking, there is no reason why one should forsake enterprise liberties to go and work in another firm.  But sometimes it’s a necessity for many a fledgling ventures and other tried-it-but-didn’t-quite-fly types.  Not necessarily that these guys are losers, it may just be that they found the risks too much to bear.  Nothing wrong with it.  In fact, if you have that realization early on and are quick to make amends and retrace your steps, you must be a real warrior in another firm where the risks are shared. 

 I know quite a few mediocre guys making it big in the job scene and quite a few brilliant entrepreneurs that are struggling.  I am seriously in talks with a few such guys for a new venture that I intend to float in the coming weeks.  That’s why the topic.  I don’t need employees, I need founding partners.  Employees come to work to earn a paycheck, whereas entrepreneurs try to prove a point.  They go to any lengths to achieve their goals and it’s such guys that I need to work with me.

 So, how do I headhunt entrepreneurs?  Most recruiting firms I talked to boast of head hunters in their database, but none came forward.  The recruiters cannot keep using the same bait of “better prospects” to an entrepreneur, because he isn’t exactly after a paycheck.  He had figured out something in his head and is on a lookout for a play field where he could exercise his theories and make a living.  Meanwhile I’ll keep searching.


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