Creative conundrum

I concede.  Having known some, it’s way too difficult to explain why creative individuals are the way they are.  Not that they are weird or something. On occasions when they don’t conform to conventions and follow their hearts, it seems they are kind of warped.  Scratch deeper and we get at some stark rationale – in that quite little quirks and twists go into the making of an individual.  To suppress them all and follow the clock and calendar and creed until the individual is lost in the neutral gray of the host is to be less than true to their inheritance.  Life never compels one to follow another man’s rules.  It’s true that we have the same hunger and same thirsts, but that is for different things in different ways at different seasons. Lay down your own day, follow it to its noon, your own noon or you’ll sit in an outer hall listening to the chimes but never reaching high enough to strike your own.  

Their appetite for novelty is inexhaustible.  For them, life is one long process of trying risk laden new things, getting tired before starting all over again.  The levels of creative energy sets them apart from other mortals.  They’ve long since realized opportunity is often difficult to recognize;  something we usually expect to beckon us with beepers and billboards.  Like the CNBC analyst that cautions investors to wait till markets stabilize for investing in a relatively inexpensive stock, by when the stock is in every one’s radar, the arbitrage vanishes and valuations shoot through the roof.

So if you are a lesser mortal but raring to set your own rules and go,  remember.  Before you dunk in the creative seas,  always use the rule #1 in the old life guard rule book – Seize the opportunity by the beard,  for it is bald behind !!!



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