Now I am relieved



I was pleasantly surprised when my teeny daughter came and told me “pa, the moon looks beautiful tonight”.  First, I thought she has hit one of her starry moods. Occasionally she busies herself watching the sky, humming a song while leisurely sitting on the swing in our balcony.  At other times, she tries out new songs in her keyboard.  But she has never shed her shyness to come and tell us what got her riveted so much. I ran to the window to watch it but didn’t get a clear view.


She described how the two shining specks have dotted around the moon like a fine celestial designer jewelry.  She speculated it must be Jupiter and Venus in a rare alignment but wasn’t sure.  Here’s the detail.  It was a rare spectacle called “planetary conjunction” in which two planets —the brightest in the night sky — will appear extremely close, separated by only the width of a finger held at arm’s length. They won’t be this close together and well-placed for evening viewing again until May 2013.


I am glad that she got to watch it. Gladder that she shared it with me. But I am delighted to know she takes an interest in celestial spectacles, gets amused by nature because each time I drag her to watch programs about universe featuring in Discovery or National Geographic, she fobs me off and returns to her other youthful priorities.  Now I am relieved, she has it in her and someday likely she will get her priorities right.  Ain’t gonna miss her lot in life 🙂



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