Envy us – that’s all they can do


So, the siege of the Taj had ended. Big relief. Oh, really?  What’s up next? 


Happy endings are stories that haven’t finished yet. A few brave cops had risked their lives, some have lost it too – as usual.  Now the political blame game will begin. Bitching the intelligence network, Center blaming the State and vice versa. With passage of time, intensity dies down and it’s no longer news.  Until the terrorists strike somewhere else and manage to hog the limelight. I refrain from sending out my heart or condolences or even sympathizing with those that fell to terrorist bullets. They are the lucky ones in that they escaped the after grief.  Watching it on TV and not being able to fight those bastards made me feel like a eunuch.  Is it an overwhelming sense of idealism preceding experience? Will cynicism follow?  I’ll figure that out later.  No problem can withstand the assault of sustained thinking.  So right now let me rest with the comfort of opinion without the grumpiness of thought.  


I see a much stronger India – democratically, economically and socially – emerging from the trauma.  Let our hideous neighbors burn with envy. When they are not busy printing counterfeit currency or slipping  terrorists into India, that’s all they know to do…


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