Dream list and Wall Street mess


Busy looking up Forbes Fab 400.  Grrrrrunt….sighhhhhhhh… my name is not yet on it.  And you’re not on that list either (unless someone is reading it to you! 😉


How do people get in there?  Simple. Notch up $1.3 billion minimum networth.  A task made slightly easier because of a falling dollar in case if you happened to work outside US.  I scan each one of them (and let my imaginations run wild – it’s easy!).  Not all have earned it.  Most got there because their rich dad dropped dead.  Good Luck to the fortunate few!


Coming to think of it, the entire Wall Street mess can be fixed if these 400 guys donated half their wealth (averaging $3.5 billion) to that $700 billion kitty. No need for congressional approval or for Hank Paulson to go down on his knees.  No need to tax the poor guy setting off moral hazard alarms. He is not going to stake claim for the riches that Wall Street may offer (if and when it turns the corner), so you guys can split it back again in the ratio of your contribution.


I can safely say this as long as I don’t figure in that list.  When I do – no marks for guesses.  This is how I will likely go — “Sure lets give more money to people that just finished ripping us off! I tell you what… the best thieves in the world can make stealing 700 billion dollars look legal!  This bail out “plan” was in part initiated by a man, Treasury Secretary Paulson, who was paid $42 million in his last year on Wall Street and helped engineer this fiasco. America, you have a man in charge who was part of the problem and not the solution. To him your few thousand dollars share of the bail out is pocket change – so why raid us?”

 With that, I’ll tuck away my wallet 🙂



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