Random flotsam


Bitter times make way for wry humor.  I can’t spend the rest of my life griping about deals that have slowed down, decision makers dragging feet.  It just is part of life. The other extreme is despair, clearly not an option for one with my supersized ego.  I have already taken three fortnightly vacations (to shake off the blues and to get some creative distraction) and the fourth is commencing by mid Oct and will last thro to its end.


Getting a lot of time to read and reflect.  Stock market, across sectors is going one way, that is down.  S&P Nifty closed 5% down today. Natural gas is puffing up, Steel is slimy. Paper is stationary. Retail is just left with a  tail. Pencils lost a few points. Power equipment is weak. Infrastructure is fluid, while refrigerators freeze. Light switches were off.  Iron ore mines turn empty craters. Diapers remained unchanged. Shipping lines stayed at an even keel. Consumer goods are bad because soaps don’t wash. And batteries exploded in an attempt to recharge the market.


I could focus a lot more on what’s happening around. Parents play a lot lesser role in bringing up kids. I see them bringing kids up only in elevators at the supermarket. In real life kids get what they want (unlike our times) and do what they like.  In effect, they raise themselves.  My daughter just got herself admitted to a keyboard class and asks me to finish the other formalities – to pay up !


So I settle down to talk to her about the importance of saving money early.  (No, she hasn’t shot back “Did you?”)  But how can I tell her to put her money in that big Bank because piggy banks don’t pay interest?  She reads newspapers and is already asking why big Banks go the Big Bang way?  Silly me, talking of trusting banks to the 13 year old that reads papers and watches TV.  She just told me her piggy bank will never go down with her money nor would she let Wall Street `uncles’ raid her nest.  I am buying her another piggy bank – capital protection comes first!



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