Motivator #1 – your goal


If you want to run a marathon you don’t just go out that day and run 26 miles. If you want to be a tremendous success in business you don’t just wake up one morning and are running a $100 million company. Whatever you are looking to achieve in life the steps along the way and the overall mindset of success are critical. We need to celebrate each day’s success and build on it for the next day. We need to start thinking of ourselves as successful and then live into that reality. We do create our own reality and by thinking we are a success or thinking we are not that is exactly what we are.

Most people recognize a champion only when he steps up the podium, but he actually has become a champion far before it. In fact, he has become a champion years before that glorious moment; because to reach that moment, first and foremost he has to become a champion in his daily life. He has to train hard for years, control his diet, and deny a lot of pleasures to prepare for the contests. While other people can live whatever way they want, he must live a disciplined life. Most people only see him in the glorious moment, but it is this lifestyle that actually brings him to the podium.

I think of my own early years.  I had spent over 15 years of my life working for different companies.  I was lucky to have a mixed bag for superiors – a few that were brilliant and others downright mediocre.  I was happy to learn an awesome lot from the former but having to put up with assholes was awkward.  In fact that drove me to start out on my own even as I was hardly prepared for the associated risks. By then I had acknowledged the omnipresence of mediocrity and recognized that brilliance is hard to come by.  The funny part was, I wasn’t too sure into which crucible I fell.

But I was certain about something.  If I were patchy in some area, I certainly would like to improve.  I was ready to admit and change. Soon I will be good at it because I worked at it.  That’s a trait you don’t find in assholes.  They are dodgy and they shirk a lot, passing the buck at every slip.  Do not hope to achieve great things if you don’t want to pay the price in the first place.  The journey to mastery is long and difficult. You need sustained motivation to walk it.  Set yourself a goal and pursue it arduously.  That is your motivator #1.



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