Entrepreneurs, welcome aboard !


My PE / VC consulting business is coming off age.  I want to make a difference just like you.


My take on Indian I-banking industry can be found here, here and here.  If you think like me and have put in over a decade in the industry, you know what I mean.  The markets are a lot sober now and deals are harder to come by because owners think their businesses are undervalued.  Now is the time when well intentioned and innovative deal structures (not far removed from the realm of common sense) are to be put to work.  The excitement and the reward are ours, up for grabs.  


So, I am about to enter my next phase in business.  My boutique proprietary business advisory (PE/VC consulting) outfit is maturing into a full blown business model and I am about to hire the best in business.  The entrepreneurially inclined, battle hardened I-bankers and operational whiz kids that have resurrected many a badly mauled, terminally ill enterprise.  [Not for me the 0.001% fee based deal makingLeave those crumbs for the rats!] 


Would you like some piece of action?  You think you’ve got what it takes?  Namaste. Welcome aboard! 



Get a hang of it here. 




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