Straight from the (Yale) Dean’s mouth


My constant carping on the irrelevance of traditional B-School education found a great ally in none other than Joel M Podolny, Dean and William S Beinecke Professor of Management, Yale School of Management.  Money quote –


“… The Internet, the 24-hour news cycle, the popularity of social networking, and almost instantaneous ‘on-demand’ access to knowledge have all contributed to a significant shift in the mindset and the learning process for the 20-somethings now entering our MBA programmes…..New methodologies and new approaches to MBA pedagogy that more accurately reflect the demands of the contemporary work environment and the realities of the current MBA student population are urgently needed.”


My line of business brings me face to face with several CEOs, COOs and all CXOs – all B-School grads – but most of them lose interest if the presentation is innovative or even slightly deviating from the template they’re used to.  I give them a simple ratio analysis or a balance sheet projection (the old stuff) together with post event capital structure, they are doubly happy to cut my check.  I try to give a bit of ancillary industry comparison or a new revenue line, they lose the picture.  Recently it happened with a NLS/AI startup focusing on Mobile Apps. I found use for AI in web analytics being developed by a CRM client of mine, they kinda’ gave a cold response. Perhaps, they marked it “off-priority”.  Well, I am happy for the check part. But I want to do more justice, make clients see hidden opportunities – but they won’t let me.  Just do so much types.


The world didn’t sit up when I cried out.  Now the Dean of Yale says it, I hope some of them will 🙂




2 Responses to “Straight from the (Yale) Dean’s mouth”

  1. Vuja De « Angel 4 Angels Says:

    […] did I bother to blog about it?  It resonates very well with what I had already said in a more professional context.  But I never expected this quick an endorsement from a multi-award-winning comedian who, for more […]

  2. Ajay Kelkar Says:

    The “old school” toe-the-line personalities that exist in the world of new age informal marketing are becoming a rare species. With customers ignoring everything that “has been” the only solution for marketers is to turn to young blood and learn a thing or two about marketing from. After all marketing without knowing the people one markets to is futile.

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