Why CEO’s don’t blog – are you mad?

Kiruba bemoans in BS – why CEOs don’t blog?

He cites reasons like fears of blurting their hearts out, reprisals by readers to simple strapped for time.  Those as appear on the surface.  Not all are Lou Gerstners and Jack Welches.  Don’t even come a thousand miles close.

Let me amplify. How did he miss out on the typical CEO fear – of exposure of personal inadequacies, inferior intellect, analytical skills. Many CEOs run on the steam of excellent teammates. Individually they shine in the reflected glow of star teams.  Most are bad articulators. Many are great pretenders that lucked out and just get by.

Yet another reason is their priorities. A professional CEO is bent on spending 3-4 years in a company, appear in the media on some silly pretext (boss’s day out? It’s ok even if it means having to walk with an androgynous, plain chested, walking stick of a reporter appearing to play Golf) and wait for the head hunter to show up with the next nest to perch, next bunch of shareholders to con.  Who wants to blog? Why bother (and run into trouble)? 

CEO spends about a couple decades like this and move into (what else?) Private Equity firms.  Where you can squander other people’s money and get paid – generously.  Those that are destined to be team members slug it out, wilting and brooding over their lost opportunities that get usurped serially by the lousiest of the lot that just happened to be the luckiest bastard in town!

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