Get the best out of launch events

Says Paul Williams of Marketing Profs

“Marketing programs fail because we don’t think through what it actually takes to make a new product, service, or store opening exciting and relevant enough to attract attention and motivate action….

We’re so wrapped up in our own excitement we develop a “if we build it he will come” mentality, losing sight the average customer really doesn’t care about our new thing… especially not enough to attend the ribbon cutting.

So that’s our problem… What are potential solutions?”

To make it “cross the threshold from ho-hum to possibly exciting to a can’t miss event,”…. Paul suggests a few broad hints.

Host the event at a time when (s)he could easily attend. 

Those nagging flyers under the wiper don’t fly with people. It bugs them no end especially if they are in a hurry when this flyer becomes an eyesore.  Neither does print ads, direct mail bring in attendees.

Special offers?  An year of free subscription to those who attend the launch? Seems it will work. 

So communicate in a way that gets peoples’ attention.  Deliver some value upfront.  Be relevant enough for potential customers to set their alarm to attend the event. 

So when are you launching your designer jewellery store?  What’s up on offer 🙂



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