How to screw a virgin

I never give in to spam mails or TV commercials.  I zap’em all in one swoop.  I chuckle at the  ad spend that just got wasted and feel pleased with myself for being completely in charge, right on top. 

If I were a brand, my tagline will be – “Don’t sell me stuff; make me buy”!

But the whole world wants to market or sell stuff to folks like me because it is hard to get us to buy!  I recently came across a bunch of young entrepreneurs with little or no marketing budget.  Being the cheapest and with scope for a decent outreach, they had zeroed in on viral online marketing.  I told them how I loath spam mails and how much I like an unchoked inbox. I told them about my tagline too and in an instant they were staring down a pest.  But it got them thinking seriously since they badly needed orders.  Soon they were busy figuring how to sell to these eclectic if not elitist, spam zappers.

So, how to screw a virgin? 

Rape is impossible within the confines of her inbox. She calls the shots in there where she is free to open, save or zap mails.  Marketers can at best land a message and forget about it.  Ah, messages can be followed up over phone.  But calls cost and budgets rule, don’t they?

Then I read this piece by Kim snyder on getting the most out of email marketing.  Interesting spin.

[Got here because of title?  Silly you!  Fools die 🙂 ]



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