Throwing stones from glasshouses and making sense of it

Luke Johnson, chairman of Channel 4 and head of Risk Capital Partners, a private equity firm gets upright about entrepreneurs and their quirky instincts.

“A weakness of many entrepreneurs is that they have just too many ideas. They cannot stick at one thing and make it great – they get distracted and rush off to conquer other worlds. Their intelligence is the sort that dreams of endless possibilities – but follow-through is not always their strong suit….”

Well, being an entrepreneur and having associated with many others of the tribe, I can vouch for that.  I like to be a free agent, open to ideas all the time – as long as it makes money and I enjoy doing it. 

But Mr. Johnson also runs a PE firm and I was really surprised he said something like this about financial services –

“Ours has been an age of financiers, but perhaps this great period of leverage is drawing to a close. The investment bankers, hedge fund managers and – God forbid – private equity houses are no longer in the ascendant. Now the field is more open to those who actually run things.”

 Apparently, Mr. Johnson can live with a few broken glass panes, I suppose 🙂


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