Tackling tardiness

Fellow blogger and friend Vijay Anand, Founder of Proto.in wants firm answers.  I gave my take under comments to that post.

At times, especially when you have few choices, creepy `Yes’ is far better than swift `No’.   It depends on who is vacillating.  If it’s the seeker (say, a founder looking for funds) that is dithering, it means (s)he’s got choices.  But don’t juggle too many balls because you could end up dropping all of them.

If it’s the provider (Angels, VC, Banks), then (s)he is probably looking for better terms.  That means room for negotiation.  Pick up the slack and ask them “what more do you think we should be doing?”  Revisit the deal, give it a makeover and call on them again.  You could be in for pleasant surprises…

Some are grumpy and procrastinating by nature. Bitching people’s ways don’t get us anywhere. There’s not much that we can do about it unless we are in the business of changing DNA structures. We want to use their resources, don’t we? So exploit them to our advantage. Find the best way to do just that.

Recognize that tardiness is the format of their decision process.  Yes, No, May be are different steps that eventually would lead them to finally say yes OR no.  Be in touch with them and on top of their mind, but never interrupt their process.  That way you betray desperation and will make them dither more, in search of better bargains. Sometimes it might rattle them and they will down the shutters in a huff. You want neither.  A firm, though delayed `Yes’ is all you would settle for, don’t you…?  So focus on that goal, not why some people are assholes!



2 Responses to “Tackling tardiness”

  1. Vijay Says:

    Since when did I become a ‘blogger’? I object!

    Let me throw the cliched phrase, “I have a blog, but I am not a blogger” 🙂

  2. Krish Says:

    I agree Vijay. Mothers cook; yet they seldom make good chefs:)

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