Not just in India

If you think I’d been particularly hard on Guy Kawasaki for blowing the Steve Ballmer interview yesterday, you ain’t seen nothin’ yet !

Here is Business Week reporter Sarah Lacy going onstage with Mark Zuckerberg (Facebook founder) and completely botching it up. I thought it’s just with the snooty woman interviewers of CNBC-TV18 in India that cut off famous people and butting in with their flirty lines. Ms.Lacy is several notches below though.  Clearly, they are not quite ready for prime time. 

Journalism professor Jeff Jarvis gives a fantastic low down here on how (not) to conduct onstage interviews..

I watched that video and a few things struck me. If not knowing her audience has been her error of omission, she committed another horror in assuming that they knew her – in the process mistook Zuck’s audience as hers. She imbibed an osmotic vision of hollow personal grandeur commensurate with that of the person sitting opposite. She comes around as a naturally bad listener and the result is of course, predictable. She blew it. 

Somewhere in the interview she could’ve salvaged it by turning the mic over to the audience.  She blew it again by angrily reacting “Let’s go with the Digg model and let them have mob rule.”  That did her in, completely. 

The audience was unusually forgiving till Mark prompted her to ask a question. I understand they just blogged and twittered over this egotistical boor.  But will she ever realize what a chop she’s been?  Her response after the fiasco (rough video) says the opposite.  For starters, she could cut that narcissistic giggle out.  If she still doesn’t get it, a sex change is all that’s left 😉  



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