Yes, we carved our own destiny

I ran into my old friend and classmate from college, K.P.Vishwanath, now a Vice President with Microsoft at Mumbai Airport. “Vish” as we called him fondly has been a terrific guy, a little reserved but very helpful even in those days.  We did catch up on a lot of stuff but then meeting after 24 years, we felt we had hardly scratched the surface.  We tried harder, dashed out of the airport, squeezed in a pub crawl and a couple swigs later, I dropped him back at the airport just in time to catch his connecting flight to Singapore – just as we did things in college, in the nick of time.

From carefree college life to where we got ourselves, it’s been a long journey for us both.  We seem to have sauntered alike in the way we followed our natural instincts.  On my way back, I scrapped it all in my mind, especially on areas where we converged that yielded material for my blog post.  Here I go.

We both had our fair share of great opportunities that disguised as unsolvable problems. It took a curious, creative mind to go after those. The intuition propelled action and curiosity drove pursuit. That singular focus inspired people around us to join in and simplify the pursuit. Between stimulus and response lay our freedom to choose.  We were careful in choosing and involving people that mattered.  I love to involve people in everything I do. Tell them, they’ll forget; show them, they’ll remember; involve them, they’ll understand.

Creativity is the process of discovering something you did not start out with.  Sometimes in the process, you may reach a dead end.  It’s a mistake if you think your journey has ended. It’s just a signal for you to retrace your steps and continue. Nature has its own way to present you with complexities, when you’d think you’d just solved the most intricate.  So there’s nothing called a dead end. They are just temporary suspensions.  Nothing is exciting if you know what the outcome is going to be. Even the woodpecker owes his success to the fact that he uses his head and keeps pecking away until he finished the job he started.

I remember some lessons from my days in the trenches, which is about often, given the creative hack that I am.  Everything new stirs my interest and I take off without notice. Often I tend to think future as a static goal and worked towards it. The closer I got, the farther it gets. The goal post kept shifting and it took a while for me to realize that in the process, I’ve too been growing.  I had developed a better sense of judgment, a refined process of thought and had significantly improved my clarity of perception. I began to sense risks early on and ward them off in advance.  Vish said I spoke his mind and flashed a Peter Drucker quote – best way to predict the future is to create it !!

Yes, we carved our own destiny.


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