Fixing B-school models

Akkshay Mehta, an IIM-A graduate says “There is hardly anything in the B-school curriculum that prepares students for such rapid change.”  I say Amen.

If anything, they are good at *brownnosing* their way to the top.  They almost follow it as a dictum – more you rub nose with influential rumps, higher you go in the organizational ladder. They call it tact. Could they have learnt it at B-School? 

I’ve always held leadership can never be taught. You become a leader when your thoughts are so refined and others `get it’ better in its light than on their own. The prescriptive structural model followed by B-Schools motivates folks to score straight A’s than stimulating their creativity.  What it ignores? Capturing attributes like drive, curiosity and intuitiveness in the future leader.  I don’t think any evaluation process to be complete without sizing up those. That can’t be figured out by tests either. You’ve got to see them in real action where they are. Current institutional and tutorial models are easier on the faculty, allowing them to get away doing a shoddy job. Recast it with one of self-learning and heuristics.  Just watch how they perform at work and you’ll see how many still manage straight A’s. Begin with Wall Street and see their warped intelligence busily pulling down banks with utmost ease.  If that’s difficult, just check out authors of subprime debacle. It will be a tell all.

Update :  Here’s what Subhiksha CEO R.Subramonian, IIM-A graduate (1989) has to say on B-school model.




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