Mind changers

Well, ok. We brought in another happy new year in our own ways and are back at work.


So what does the new year herald?  A new beginning or is it just flipping the calendar…? Something to hope for could just be right.  But we all know it’s really just a point in the path of passing time.


How different is it from our good old boring life?  We have breakfast. Go to work. We feel hungry a few hours later. Have lunch. Get back to work. We are hungry again. It’s dinner time.  That’s a day for you. A year is just an extension. So, what’s the big deal?


Oh My God… why am I so desperately seeking metaphors?  Why can’t I just sit uptight?


It’s curious that, when confronted with the mysteries of the universe, scientists tend to do what poets do: they reach for metaphor. What’s even more interesting, though, is the way the metaphor begins to shape the way we see and think. The metaphor doesn’t just describe reality; it becomes reality, as Nick Carr says.


Then I came across a comment by Seth F.

“It’s absolutely true that one can wrongly assume a metaphor is the entirety of the description, and so be misled, and have it shape the way of thought.

There’s no law that says all metaphors must be constant for eternity, and that it’s bad to replace an old metaphor with a better one – or even a different but more culturally appropriate one.

There’s people now who wouldn’t know what it means to say “like a broken record”, but might understand “like the hold button locked down”. Different tech makes for different metaphors. That’s life.”

I relent. Let me leave it to the world of experts or Grrrrr….another metaphor – the world wide web.  I look up The Edge for its 2008 question – what have you changed your mind about?


Look it up.  There are some gems in there.


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