Being Tiger

Look at Accenture. It has more than 133,000 personnel in 48 countries, has no official headquarters and branches. Its CFO in Silicon Valley, its CTO in Germany and the head of HR in Chicago. Furthermore, it leases various offices at more than 100 locations around the world, though it is incorporated in Bermuda. William Green, CEO and Chairman of Accenture, says: “We don’t get to go down the hall to the coffee pot, ask someone how their weekend was and then ask a business question. We spend time together in the countries where our clients are, which is more important if you’re running a global company. I meet more CEOs of big companies in China or India these days than at their headquarters.”

Innovative organization structure. Or is it organization un-structure? I love that bit, comes pretty close to how I work. But then I learnt how the name Accenture was derived. It’s from “accent on future”. Truly, it is. Future is hardly static.  So why the hell we bog down to an HQ – goes my argument.

“Go On. Be a Tiger!” That’s Accenture’s strong message in all media. The campaign utilizes the modern day personification of high performance: Tiger Woods, the world’s most iconic golfer. Yeah, be a tiger.  Sounds great !  Sensible economics too.

Then I think of my own work format.  I operate with no HQ either.  At best, it’s just my cell phone and my laptop.  I love the way it is. No overheads. No supervising required. I make all mistakes myself and then correct them. Simply put, no worries and I am on my own.  Yet always-on for clients across the globe.  My only employee is my driver that acts as my office boy, runs errands and delivers stuff besides driving me around in this no-parking-available city. (Confession : Can’t imagine life without a driver in Mumbai) All made possible since my associates – law firms, investment banks and corporates have been making huge investments in real estate and plush offices. 

In return, I just drive deals to them. That’s why they love me. Fair enough… 

Who can grumble?  Now that I’ve Accenture to point 🙂



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