Hey VC, be good to me

In the startup circles, I often hear the founders living on Ramen noodles and soup.  No Sushi, No Starbucks for them. Sign of frugality that is good startup economics?   

Read this.

Stanford professor David Cheriton made his billions by introducing Google founders Sergey Brin and Larry Page to the venture capitalists at Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers. He was rewarded with a sizable chunk of Google stock.

Canadian Cheriton says he prefers to ride his bike around his Palo Alto, Calif., neighborhood, and relies on an old Volkswagen van or a Honda sedan when he needs to get behind the wheel. He says he only flies commercial, prefers jeans to designer clothes and claims to reuse his teabags. He also cuts his own hair to save time going to a barber. His indulgence: two windsurfers.”

Hits me like a ton o’ bricks. HuH…? Do VCs reward introducers?  I do so much more in beefing up startup business plans, fixing early bugs, getting them right resources and connections and even doing preliminary due diligence and documentation that makes it so much easy for a VC.  A couple of VCs that I’ve dealt with have even recommended a few founders to me to run their plans over.   I lost a few million already.  Had it only from my clients so far.  

Ok VCs…let bygones be bygones…. Now be nice to me, huh ? 🙂



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