Get a load of “The New Normal”

Roger McNamee of PE firm Elevation Partners and the author of the book “The New Normal is quite vocal about change. 

He says, “The New Normal” is the era of the individual. In companies large and small, each person now matters more than ever before. The Internet has finally made it easy to launch and grow a real business. For entrepreneurs and managers, the global economy opens previously untapped sources of supply and demand, cost savings and innovation. Individual investors now have access to tools and knowledge that were, until recently, restricted to professionals.

The individual will have more power than ever as employees and consumers. Independent contractors and will be far more in demand as well as service organizations designed fill a niche for larger ones. Anyone who has strong specialized skills will have far more leverage in the company. China and India will be a powerful, if not dominant, force in the global economy. The stock market will be influenced more by individual investors.

“Forget about the Next Big Thing,” he says. “The New Normal isn’t where you wait for the next boom. It’s about the rest of your life.”  Getting things right the first time is more important than getting things done quickly.”

That’s the opposite of the late-’90s mantra, “Fail faster to succeed sooner.”  I like that. 

I say “with you, Roger… My business is built on those assumptions. You’d better be right, Mr.McNamee…” 



One Response to “Get a load of “The New Normal””

  1. Herman Najoli Says:

    Great insight. Hadn’t heard of the book but will definitely look for it.

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