Taking to extremes…

I reflect upon my spirituality.  Once in a while I go into that shell and peace out.  This morning I had a trance… 

How much more is darkness than just absence of light?  How remote is a spider from its web?  To some believers, can evil exist if God is omnipresent?  I think these are all related in many ways than one. In that God and evil question, God loses his essential qualifications to be God if evil exists as a separate force.  If you recognize the existence of evil, you have to forego God’s omnipresence. 

A scientist also knows there is nothing absolutely good or evil in existence. Everything is relative. Whether it is a poisonous metal such as mercury or lead, or a vitamin, the scientist does not assign any predetermined moral value to it. He just knows them as they are; that they are useful in different places for different purposes. Usage alone makes something good or bad.  

Doesn’t that make philosophical approach to evil, as well as its concept of divinity, consistent with scientific thought…? 

Too bad, the speechwriters of President Bush wasted time coining *Axis of Evil* – when all they meant was just Saddam Hussein…. (Iran and North Korea were after thoughts.)


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