Missing out on so near, not-so-obvious

Monotony kills creativity and puts blinders on new opportunities, no matter how close and within reach they are.  We are too busy executing routine life commands that we fail to notice what lay near the edges. The few who do notice, capitalize on the opportunity and turn out to be successful. We readily dismiss their enterprise and alacrity by saying “they got lucky”. We hate to admit our preference for routine, love for all things predictable.  Yet we don’t recognize our resistance to go near the edge, to experience the random and see what lay beyond. The laziness element that cultivates and firmly entrenches the “why risk” attitude deeply inside us, denies us the opportunity to chip away and sculpt our warped destiny that comes “with-the-package”.  We take the same boring road to the end of our lives. This has been amply illustrated by Richard Wiseman in this Forbes article “Seeing the Gorilla”.  (Thanks, Ben !).  Excerpts –

“The human brain is amazingly good at detecting what it wants to find. When you are hungry, your brain focuses on finding food. When you are thirsty, it looks for liquid. The problem is, your brain can become so focused on seeing what it expects to see, it misses things that are obvious but unexpected. Lucky people tend to have a somewhat relaxed view of life. They are less concerned with mundane details and more prone to look at the bigger picture. Ironically, by trying less, they see more.

So there you have it. Opportunities do not haphazardly fall into the laps of lucky people. Instead, those people are unconsciously doing all sorts of things to increase their chances of attracting good fortune. They are looking at the big picture, opening their minds to the unexpected, breaking routines and connecting with others. It is hard work and the hours are long, but the rewards make it all worthwhile.”

I’ve gone down that road and can personally vouch for this.  Have you…?



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