The India magic

At a time when the Indian market is agog to know what a ‘world-class’ Vodafone (previously Hutch India) will bring to the Indian mobile phone market, Vodafone is bringing back Hutch India’s world-class practices to Europe. “I’m putting plane loads of managers on flights to India, and I’m telling them ‘go get me the secret of their low-cost business model.’ When we did the deal, we only thought about what we would bring to the business; now we find there’s so much more we can learn from them,” says Mr Arun Sarin, CEO, Vodafone.

Read more on what Sarin thinks Europe can gain from India here 

No wonder top Indian talent refuses to latch on to overseas postings, leaving only the deadwood to settle down abroad, silently suffering all kinds of racial profiling at the airports and treated like pests and vermin at work.  End of the day, they earn in currencies that’s not even worth the paper they are printed on as are the health of those economies. After all, only the dumbest will leave this blessed land where Chanakya that wrote Arthasasthra was born… 

I’ve always imagined, for an Indian living abroad, it’s like doing time feeding off a breakfast menu that announces the arrival of horribly sick someone – milk and cereals / bread and eggs /croissants / strawberries and cream / fish and chips (all horrible combos) when you have here gastronomic delights like steaming Idlis, lip-smacking chutney(s) and delicious sambar followed by filter coffee for breakfast….!!!!  



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