Damsels [not exactly] in distress, they rule


Indra Nooyi, the Chennai, India born CEO of  Pepsico , points out that young Indians are virtually global citizens.

Nooyi, chosen as the fourth most powerful woman in the world by Forbes magazine, admitted that the different roles she has to play leaves her a bit confused at times.

“The other day, my 14-year-old daughter, who lives in the same building, sent me an e-mail asking for an hour’s appointment with me. The confusion (about the roles she is supposed to play) and the worries over whether I am doing justice, make me tear my head. You want to be a mother, at the same time you have to take care of your career also,” Nooyi says.

Can’t agree more. Twenty-five years after women first started pouring into the labor force–and trying to be more like men in every way, from wearing power suits to picking up golf clubs– research has shown that men ought to be the ones doing more of the imitating. In fact, after years of analyzing what makes leaders most effective and figuring out who’s got the Right Stuff, management gurus now know how to boost the odds of getting a great executive: Hire a female.

“(When it comes to my priority list) I am a mother first, then a CEO and then a wife,” Nooyi reportedly said while participating in a discussion on “Women and Global Leadership” organised at the Yale Club of New York city as part of the ongoing Incredible India @60 celebrations.

Pretty cool, that is Ms.Nooyi… Keep it up !



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