What you make of yourself is what matters

Winning isn’t everything–it’s the only thing” – Vince Lombardi

A recent survey that I read on job satisfaction confirmed this – only 17% enjoy what they do. What will be the quality of their output then? This inspired me to make this post.  

Donald Trump is what he is because he loves what he does and is passionate about it. Wealth was a by-product of following his passion despite failing early. That passion kept the ball at play and him in the game.  You know something? Success that takes long, lasts long.

Every Joe aspires to be a Donald Trump. Why wouldn’t they?  Yet most are stopped by fear of failure. More than the fear, what weighs them down is, cost of failure.  What will happen to my family? What a loser I’ll make of myself? What if I have to sell my car and home? How will I face my friends? This is indeed why he goes to work everyday, not that he is dying to get there. 

Let me try answering these questions. Tell me, if it matched yours.

What will happen to your family?  Certainly your family won’t starve; it will find an alternative way to survive.  May be you’ll have to cut down on cable TV, eating out, flipping mobiles every month and excessive shopping; stretch every dime thin. Just lose that credit card first.

What a loser I’ll make?  You mean, to others?  Rest assured, no one will rush to your aid. So how does it matter what they think of you?  They would like you to look like a loser forever. Not that they revel in your misfortune. It just makes them look in great shape. They draw comfort in that they aren’t the only ones in the trenches and are happy to have you for company. They come closer to compare but you mistake that for love.  They just love themselves more and look in the mirror with less guilt.  So what really matters is how it feels to you.  It was your choice to experiment and you did. If you’d succeeded, good. Damn good.  If you have failed, you are a lot wiser now.  With all freshly minted wisdom, go to the next experiment. You’ll succeed. Now tell me, were you a loser at first? No. It was the first hurdle and in fact you crossed it by failing at it. It was a hurdle meant to trip.

What if you have to sell your car and home? Simple. You’ll take public transport or even walk. Just start early. Certainly, you’ll not be immobilized. No driving or parking stress. You’ll move to a rented home, a smaller one perhaps. There will still be roof over your head.

How will I face my friends?  Straight, in the face. You are no criminal, just broke.

Did your answers match that of mine?  Go ahead and take some risk, NOW. It could be your enterprise. I truly wish you win.



2 Responses to “What you make of yourself is what matters”

  1. satpal Says:

    Krish, I beleive main reasons behind very low job satisfaction is not that they dont love what they do but immaturity,over expectation and lack of self awarenes amonth most of us.

    To undersatnd what I am most passionate wbaout, what are my strength, how I am unique acn contribute to max requires deep soul searching and introspection.how many pople does do that?

    Most of us are living in self created delusive world of hypes , myths,and unreasonable expecations ;unable (or unwilling) to see and excecpt reality.We are part of a grand rat race.

    The day we decide to go out of this race we get a rebirth.Not many people what to re-born again.We want to be Bill gates,buffet,create Apple but they want to all this hard enough.

  2. Krish Says:

    I see where you come from, Satpal. People lock themselves down to a dreary job for many diverse reasons and that include the tribe you highlight. Stopping at having high levels of aspirations, yet not wanting it badly enough or alternatively, not working hard enough.

    I know quite a few that go to workplaces they find dreary just so that they can keep paying bills, run a family or to fob off the fear of having to tone down the lifestyle that wife and kids have been exposed to. Some of them are highly talented in domains other than where they are occupationally confined.

    Still, even those on the fringes, don’t gather the courage to break free and give their `soul call’ a shot, as they too get pounded by these nagging questions. They somehow seem to get only one dimensional answer – a serial `NO’. In the end, all their gusto gets beaten down by the repeated blunt thumps. I just wanted to clue these folks in on another dimension, as I saw it…!

    Thanks for staying tuned.

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