The cover’s blown

It’s not uncommon to hear about fake orgasm or even iPhone, but Fake Steve Jobs…?  Bit far fetched. I thought it was about some laser technology that attempted a 3D animation of the founder and CEO of Apple Inc. 

At long last, someone has cracked one of the technology world’s biggest mysteries — the identity of Fake Steve, a sharp-tongued blogger who had tech aficionados in stitches with a satiric diary purporting to be from Apple CEO Steve Jobs.  In a story published on Monday, Brad Stone of the Times outed Dan Lyons, a technology editor at Forbes, as the author of ”The Secret Diary of Steve Jobs,” a daily account of events in the tech industry as seen through a caricature of Jobs.

I liked the way he (“FSJ” -as Lyons calls himself) rips into all new media tech sleuths as he says – “One bright side is that at least I was busted by the Times and not Valleywag. I really, really enjoyed seeing those guys keep guessing wrong. For six months Dr. Evil and Mr. Bigglesworth put their big brains together and couldn’t come up with the answer. Guy from the Times did it in a week. So much for the trope about smarty-pants bloggers disrupting old media. Brilliant. My only regret is that we didn’t get a chance to see Bigglesworth take a few more swings and misses.” Both FSJ and Brad Stone are from staunch bastions of Old Media, Forbes magazine and The New York Times.

I’d never visited this blog before FSJ’s cover was blown.  Just read a few posts and found it hilarious. Thank you, Brad Stone for having led me to it.  

The best part is where FSJ coins the symbolism “Brad” – for what he did to him –  brad, v.i.:

1. To bust a fellow filthy hack without mercy and spoil the fun for everyone, in a quest for personal aggrandizement.

2. To urinate in a pool. 

Let’s ask OSJ (Original) himself  “When was the last time you’d bradded, Steve ?”… 


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