Go ahead…

Do you really need a website to start marketing your product / service ?

I never had this doubt because I hip shoot. I wait for nothing. If something has to be sold, I just go ahead and sell. This is a habit that I had learnt from the Stock Market. If you expect to buy / sell your stock at a certain price and if you waver on the moment it hits that price, often you’ll be left to grieve. This is even more risky since that grief would push you into a bad decision often.

What did we do before the web came? Didn’t we market ourselves without it ? I sure don’t think having a website is a prerequisite for getting clients.  Yesterday, I had a tough time convincing my client over it.  Has the universe really changed that much ?

I got my first few clients as a result of pre-existing personal connections. These clients are people I already knew, or the friends and colleagues of people I knew.  I never needed a web presence to land clients like these. I still put off composing my website because I am sure I can develop a much pointed site after having had the opportunity of broadbasing my clientele.  Real sales conversations give you insights, so you’ll know more about what works for you. If prospects need more information about you, use an e-mail or send a letter. Having a website is no guarantee for closing a sale. 

Rely on action instead.  It always works. 



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