Walking the lonely road

When they get to the part – Where he’s breakin’ her heart – It can really make me cry – Just like before – It’s yesterday once more

goes the timeless melody by Carpenters… The rising prosperity amongst the young Indian urban households fuelled by the IT revolution is beginning to take effect. While it’s changing the urban realty landscape with glasshouses and large corporate complexes, the institutional development just stops with business bottomlines.

Cracks begin to show in social paradigms like marriage, family and other relationships that come unstuck at the slightest of pretexts. 

How would you call it – renewed assertion of independence, need for career success or reduced tolerance towards a fault by our young men and women? In the wake of global career pursuits, they get carried away or are clearly overwhelmed by the exposure to some social tendencies of the west that recognizes break-up and going single as a viable, worthy option.  Secret of social harmony lies in maintaining a good work-life balance, even as you chase that uppish lifestyle.

But the happiest people I know make their calling their job, even when they don’t have two nickels to rub together. I see that as real success.

Would you?


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