Brushing up on Economics

Two major airline deals (Jet-Sahara, Kingfisher-AirDeccan) have since been closed and India’s analyst clan (a *know-all* breed that feigns mastery over every business) weren’t reacting as they normally would. I checked and confirmed – No, they don’t recognize modesty as a virtue just yet ….

Here they come – Jet, Deccan shares may soar on oligopoly.

Ah…Oligopoly…reminds me of Economics – a super bore.  I’ve never been a fan of its theories except oneconsumer surplus”.

That said, consolidation in any industry is bad for the consumer. Wish there were some sort of a permanent anarchy 🙂  I fear the large players will quickly concur to drive fares up and slap it on passengers who have fewer choices now. I grudgingly recall a couple of its theories as possibilities – one of perfect competition between sellers in an industry that’s getting fiercely organized and another of dead weight loss, fear of which could force cheapskates like me running an ROI check on each trip ahead…



2 Responses to “Brushing up on Economics”

  1. supreet Says:

    Hi Krish,

    I have been reading your comments in venturewoods for along time and i must say I really appreciate your insights into diff businesses.

    I somehow got to know of your blog and will be trcaking it closely from now on. Its also great to knwo that you are based out of Mumbai, would surely like to meet you sometime soon.


  2. krish Says:

    Thanks for the kind words, Supreet. I get a high by sharing my experience with others – you called it “insight” and that’s sweet….

    Just feel free to call up – I’d love to meet my blog readers too.

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