Tune your perception and humor the world

Perception dictates the way we ultimately see the world. In my world, everything and everyone has infinite potential. I treat people with respect and dignity because in my reality, those qualities matter most.

Lewis Grizzard, the writer/philosopher said – “when you are writing humor, you really only have to look at the world from the front of your eyelids forward, and pretty soon you will see something funny to write about”. That statement will stay with me forever for its starkness. It has helped me see a lighter side of even the most demure occasions that otherwise would have passed unnoticed.

Gordon Kirkland is another personality that I admire for this very aspect. He says “there is so much humor all around us in our daily lives that I really don’t find much need to make things up. It just takes practice to learn to focus on spotting that humor, especially the stuff that so many people miss because they are too busy thinking or worrying about other things”.

Why then is quality humor so rare?

Being judgmental distorts our perceptive power. Cathryn Doyle, the relationship coach and communications counselor blames it on what she calls as `rules’ that we are taught while we were growing up.  I think that sometimes makes us humor-proof and murky. These rigid `guidelines for behavior’ often conflict with our instinctive reactions. Our instincts often guide us away from the rules, which makes us waver and perception is lost to internal chaos. Humor is quirky insight of straightest of events and normally does not breed in a riled mind – unless we choose to step back and learn to poke fun at our own carefully crafted mental jam.  

Here are some live examples of how humorists perceive from personal lives and how others relate to it.

Gordon had a Cocker Spaniel, a dog that had the cerebral skills of a sack full of rusty doorknobs. His readers came to know her as the dumbest dog to ever get lost on a single flight of stairs. When he would write about her, any reader who owned a dog with even the slightest lick of sense could feel superior and laugh with him and at him for owning such a dog. Those with equally stupid dogs could laugh at their own lives as they saw some of their dog’s traits, in that dumb pet.

“When Pavlov rang his bell, his dog would drool. Whenever anyone rings our bell, the dumbest dog to ever get lost on a single flight of stairs pees. It’s the same concept, just a different end of the dog.”

He wrote once about undergoing that medical procedure that involved inserting a camera into your inner sanctum. Bad enough as that event was to endure, he had a “what if” thought as he wrote about it.

“In actual fact, the camera itself was small enough that it didn’t cause much of a problem. I think the real pain came when he tried to shove up a tripod up there to steady it.”

That’s it.  Just see the world as it is, play around with quirky perceptions and humor yourself.  I’d like to hear about your experience too.


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