Giving it back to the VCs

What happens when you discover the VC who knocked your pitch cold is a jerk and did it more out of habit ?  You go ahead and rate her. 

That’s exactly what wants you to do.

It invited entrepreneurs to post to its web site ratings of venture capital firms. After collecting more than 500 reviews, released a list of the top five venture firms worldwide. Bruce Cleveland, partner with No. 1-ranked InterWest Partners, based in Menlo Park, California, said the site fills a gap for entrepreneurs and evens a one-sided relationship. named Clearstone Venture Partners of Los Angeles (“a refreshing firm to work with”) No. 2; No. 4 was given to First Round Capital of Pennsylvania (“smart seed investors”); and two Menlo Park, California, firms tied at No. 5, Trinity Ventures and Sequoia Capital (“all value, no BS” and “rules the VC world” respectively). 

I think this is one helluva’ way for getting back at VCs who are just plain incompetent to assess the worth of refreshing ideas pitched up to them.  How many VC firms do have the guts and courage to confess in their website an anti-portfolio like Bessemer does ? 

That clearly shows a VC is only as good as his last investment. There’s never been another way, except back channels, for people to get a taste of venture firms.

Read the report by Ken Schachter here.


2 Responses to “Giving it back to the VCs”

  1. Young Entrepreneurs of America Says:

    I have been on the wrong side of many VC pitches. I have been rejected far more than my share and yes, I have often felt that the potential investor didn’t give me a fair shake and may have declined out of habit or simply due to a bad mood.
    However, going on record and saying something bad about any VC can only do more harm than good.
    First of all, the people who really need to read your comment won’t see it.
    Second, the VC community is a very tight-knit group and word of your animosity will get around.
    Third, the VC does not need to invest in anybody’s idea even the good ones.
    Fourth, the whole concept of “getting back at VCs” is not only bad karma, it’s selfish and childish. If you can’t take criticism or can’t credibly pitch a sound idea in an interesting, engaging way, consider a different line of work.
    Finally, I heard a quote long ago that applies to this situation. “Getting in an argument with someone from the media (or VC) is like wrestling with a pig. You both get dirty and the pig likes it.”

  2. krishna Says:

    It was just a light banter….Just like the intent behind the portal. You make sense.

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