When selling to big customers

“Between successive thoughts or desires, there’s a brief interlude of tranquility.Go find yourself there.”  – Bhagavad Gita 

What happens when you make repeated pitch to a big corporation and don’t come away with the order ?   But the best clients are not always the easiest to get. If you don’t grasp the realities of the corporate environment, you may sabotage even a hot lead. Selling your services to big corporations is an attractive proposition. The contracts are larger than with small businesses and individuals, and often longer-term. There’s the possibility of repeat business worth many billable hours at respectable rates.Sad and desperate, you either give up or curse your luck and try again. When it still doesn’t come, you quit trying. It’s quite rare that you search for reasons why you are not getting it. It could be bad pricing, lack of features or after sales support or there’s no money in the budget.  Or may be you weren’t talking to the decision maker. Yet, you thought you can get it if you persist with it. In all probability, you’ve just lost that customer by adopting the wrong tactic.

If you scratch the surface a bit, you may get some fresh insights.

When selling to big corporations every sale must be justified to someone else in the organization.  A supervisor must justify choices to a manager, the manager to an executive, the executive to the CEO, the CEO to the board, the board to the shareholders. Each one of these people wants to look good and dreads making a public mistake. If you want your sale to go through, you need to provide your contact with evidence why you and your solution are the best choice.

Individuals and small businesses buy services in the category of nice-to-have, often to improve their quality of life or of their employees. Corporations, especially in lean times, don’t. You must sell them something they actually need and prove how it will enhance their bottom line. A good selling strategy is to provide real-life examples of results at other companies.

Analyze, analyze, analyze all the time…not just physically, spiritually too.  While physical analysis gives you insights, the spiritual probe energizes you with new vigor.

The problem has been that you were so focused on action born out of ignorance which can be remedied only by enlightening your action with understanding. For that, you have to surrender your assumption of knowledge or to say it in one word, ego. 

Surrender your inadequacies to the mystery of life.  It’s a leap from the ordinary to the sacred, from the logical to the cosmic.  If you resist that, you create agony for yourself.  For eg. If  a stone is thrown on the wall, it makes a noise.  But if a stone is thrown in empty space it just passes through.  The wall is like an ego.  When you are scorned by another, you don’t get hurt if you are drained of ego as the spite will simply pass across. Very often we despair because we are not open to the vastness of life. We are bound by our knowledge.  We are dead to all that is beyond our knowledge. What we know is finite and what we do not know is infinite. To be alive and limited to what we know and dead to what we don’t is the root cause of anguish.

How difficult has it been for you to sell to a big corporation?  How did you get back on feet after that mind numbing initial setback ? .


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