Wanting it enough !

A curious reader of my earlier post Goal Keeping, asked me “when can we be sure that we have wanted something enough ?”  Honestly, I wasn’t completely ready for that question then and gave it some thought. In the end, I figured it has everything to do with intensity of desire.

Most people just look for small pieces of creation. It is a very big desire when someone looks for the Creator himself. Have you ever seen anybody who has no desire? Can you imagine somebody without any desire? Maybe they do not have your kind of desires.

They may have different kinds of desires. But is there somebody who has no desire? There is no such thing, because the energy that you call as life and the energy that you call as desire are not different. No desire means, really no possibility for life. So what to do with desires?

Just direct all your passions to the highest in life. These teachings of desirelessness and detachment have come because people chose to involve themselves in a selective way with life. It caused much confusion and problems to themselves and to everybody around them.

When you choose to involve yourself selectively with life, naturally, you get entangled with the process of life; this is normally referred to as attachment. People say, “Give up attachment and be detached”. If you remain detached from life, would you know life? I think the only way to know life is by involvement.

If you are not involved, you will not know anything. So all these teachings of detachment and desirelessness have come because of the fear of entanglement. Because a large segment of the population is entangled in something or the other, and entanglement always creates pain and suffering within a person, somebody gave this foolish solution “be detached”. So the solution for life is, “avoid it”.

If you want to avoid life, at least do it more efficiently. You could just shoot yourself in the head or jump off a mountain or go and stand in the middle of one of the busy streets, whichever way you like it; it is your choice, but at least do it little more efficiently… If you want to live, you need involvement.

If you want to avoid life, you must die; it is very simple. Being alive but wanting to die and not dying is a torture, because the fundamentals of either enjoying or not enjoying the process of life is by going through it. The elements of what you refer as heaven and hell are just this: If you are in anything willingly, that is your heaven. If you are in anything unwillingly, that is your hell.

What is most beautiful can become the ugliest thing if it happens to you unwillingly. What is the most beautiful thing and what is a horror is just a question of willingness and unwillingness. So the moment you say, “I want to be detached”, you become unwilling for the process of life; you make a hell. No wonder you want to go to heaven. Because people have made a complete hell out of themselves, they want to go to heaven, obviously.

I hope they proceed soon because those who have made a hell out of themselves will invariably make a hell out of the world also. If somebody is joyful he will make sure that everything around him is that. If somebody is miserable, he will cause misery to everybody around him.


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