Need to think – High and Low

I read this article “ Big Leaders think big and small” by Harvard Scholar Dr.Ram Charan and have turned an instant fan of his thoughts and ideas.  In this article, Dr.Charan explains why it is important for people to pay attention to details, even as they are focused on the big picture.


Some gems from that article  ;

 “At 50,000 feet, you can see the total picture of your business, your industry, and maybe even the world economy. You can detect interesting patterns that might create opportunities for your business — imperative to stay ahead of the game.

But if your thinking is always in the stratosphere, you might miss important details. You also have to be incisive, drilling to the specifics.

[Dr.Charan quotes] Kay Krill, CEO of retailer Ann Taylor, captured it nicely when she told a Wall Street Journal reporter last September, “You have to fly at 50,000 feet, but you also have to come down and mow the lawn every now and again.” 

In business, how you think is just as important as what you think. 

Reframing is being able to change your vantage point, to look at a phenomenon or problem from a very different perspective. It’s how leaders redefine their market and create new growth trajectories — Coke going from competing in soft drinks to competing in other liquid refreshments, for instance. 

When Robert Pittman first became CEO of Six Flags amusement parks, he wanted to dig into the details of the business, so he went to work as a street cleaner. At that level, he noticed something he didn’t like: The hard-working janitorial staff viewed customers as the enemy who stood in the way of their mission to keep the parks clean.

So he reframed their mission from cleanliness and safety to “giving customers the greatest day of their life.” Seeing their roles in a different light gave the staff a more positive attitude toward customers and paved the way for a better customer experience.”

Full text of the article is here.  Read and benefit.

What is your secret of success in attending to details without losing focus on the big picture ?


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