Network is the Computer, Context is the definition

The former is Sun Microsystems tag line.  The latter is of course an amateur mashup of  Quantum Mechanics and  Bhagavad Gita as I understood them.

Jonathan Schwartz, CEO and President of Sun recalls that since John Gage first uttered the phrase, Sun has been saying “The Network is the Computer.”  He says Sun believes the simplicity, accessibility and affordability of the power of the Network to change the face of computing for all organizations, large and small, public or private.

The message in that post by Schwartz flashed across my mind even as I was catching up on spirituality viewed thro the minds of quantum theorist.  It goes something like this –

They asked the Sage – “ Is there life after death ?

Sage replies “ Is there life before death ?”

If we have truly experienced life before death beyond the illusions of the five senses, then all questions about death would be irrelevant. For death would merely be a continuation of consciousness freed of the Karmic influences of the body – of the illusion of the individual self.

Our mind or ego is the trickster that is afraid of the truth.  Even quantum physicists have come to the conclusion that particles exist in space or time only when you try and observe them. Beyond your own observation nothing in this universe has the reality of existence.  Space and time only exist when you try and measure them against something else. They have no absolute value. So, for example space between the sun and the earth exist only in the context of each other.

You need a context for everything. Take this statement – Bill Gates is richer than Warren Buffet. Give binary values for the two contexts Gates and Buffet – `0’ for Bill and `1’ for Buffet ; when all of Buffet’s wealth goes to Gates foundation as charity,  Gates is the only context that’s left – which means `0’ is all that’s left.  Shorn of contextual relativity, nothing exists. Got it…?

So, the context is the definition.

Yet we live in a universe that’s infinite.  So how do you define infinity ? How do you define the space between the earth and infinity ?  Just infinity, right ? Only infinity has an absolute value.  Space therefore is infinite and so is time.

Spirituality for me is a battle to let go off my finite sense of individuality into understanding that I actually have none.  I exist in my own imagination in context of other imagined ideas. In absolute terms I have no context, no individuality and therefore no existence beyond an infinite immensity ( let’s say G.O.D – more for ease of use than conviction, if you are agnostic ).

I am not a drop but a formless part of the timeless, spaceless ocean. I am God as God is I, where any separation between the I, space and time dissolved.  That explains my existence just as a node in a network, in the context of a definition.   


One Response to “Network is the Computer, Context is the definition”

  1. Ben Casnocha Says:

    I think this is a useful way of thinking about it — God doesn’t have to be a superpower but rather an infinite ocean that gives you context.

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