Ed Sim – my top pick

I haven’t been reading New York VC Ed Sim’s blog for quite some time and never thought I would’ve missed so much. 

In this post, Ed neatly spells out his expectation of what the company managements  should communicate with their Boards and when.  It has some useful tips which all companies could use to good measure.  

Here’s another on importance of vision statements and some essential elements to be considered while framing those customary two liners ( as most of them do – “ who reads them anyway “ ). 

And if you think all his posts are so hard-up and pointed, he occasionally allows himself a joke.  Take a look at this one where he compares VCs with Social Workers…ah, ah –  ( talk of contradictions, pssst… ) especially if you happen to read it immediately after Ed’s post on VC loyalty which he affirms lie only with their Limited Partners for generating long term capital gains, ha..ha..ha…! 

This one is a gem of an insight.  Ed’s bang on in his diagnosis of  delayed Engineering Product releases – applies to many of our startup entrepreneurs who spend inordinately long time on product development ( except of course those who actually haven’t got a clue regarding what exactly they are after ! ). 

There are many more which I’d love to re-direct.  But I’d rather you love Ed yourself..


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