On getting advisors

I reserve my posts in this blog mainly for guiding startup entrepreneurs and aspiring Angel investors. I was in one such frame of mind as I wrote mentor metrics.  My accent in that post was what to look for in a mentor while going for one and my last sweeping para was mentors are not a `must’ if you can’t land the right one.  I had also followed it up by startup strategies outlining a few essential guidelines for entrepreneurs who ignored strategy early on.

A while ago I was reading an article written by Chase Norlin in Venture Beat on the importance of assembling an advisory board.  Chase is busy founding Pixsy, a company in the competitive video search industry.  

My redeeming moment came as I was reading the para where Norlin said something similar to what I had said about mentors – which I quote here.  “Keep in mind that not all advisors are equal and they’re all very different, just as every person is different. While their advice is usually intelligent and grounded in experience; it is, nevertheless, just their advice. You’ve got to always follow your own instincts”.  The stress on individual enterprise is unmistakable.


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