Why not yesterday…?

When I was young I craved for a lot of things. The latest bike, a cool music system, some more money to spend etc.  But all these things happened to me much after my craving had died down unfulfilled. I’ve often wondered, why good things happen so late in life..?  The best part of our life we slog and when we are done and clearly over the hill, it all happens. 

It seems one great rule of life is in the words “so much as you can take.”   

Life descends on us slowly as we can take it.  This is the rule upon which Life works with us. It does not show us everything at once.  If it did, it would destroy us.  Life knows that and does not show you any more than you are able to handle. 

May be, this is how life is configured.  It’s put together in such an amazing way that it appeals to your senses differently depending on how you look at it.  When you are awake, it gives you a hazy picture.  When you shut your eyes and meditate, heck – it’s much more clearer.  You can read the written word and yet if you are not ready for them, those words will not say a thing to you. But if you are open, you will learn something from them. The next time you can come back, read the same words, and learn something more.   Each time you will learn something more. It never ceases to refresh your spirit and instruct your mind and to open and expand your capacity to receive from Life. That is the way Life teaches us truth–as we are able to bear it.

And this is true also of its revelation to us about ourselves. One of the things about Life is that it shows you who you are and who you have been all along. Life is gracious to us that way. It does not just rip the veil off, and suddenly you see the whole ghastly thing. If it did, we would be wiped out. But it lifts it little by little. You shake and tremble and say, “Is that the way I’ve been?”.  You are aghast at the way you have been treating people, and you think, “Thank heavens that’s over!” The next week it lifts it a little higher. You shake and tremble and go through it again and say, “At last we got to the bottom!”. Then Life lifts it high enough for you to see more, and you are wiped out again. But you handle it, little by little. Because, along with the revelation of yourself, dear Life also reveals itself and its adequacy to handle your inadequacies.

Is it not wonderful that it understands us that way and deals with us like that? If it revealed the glories to us suddenly, all of us would be running out to jump into the ocean, to get there as fast as possible. But it lifts the veil only a little at a time, as we are able to bear it.

We may see glimpses of truth Life has for us as we grow up.  Have the wisdom to understand what we get and to search out what we do not understand. 

So that’s it.  We’ll get so much as we can take.  Just wait for life to descend on you. It sure will.

[ P.S – Posted more as a sequel to my previous post “making the VC cut” – almost as an afterthought.  To those who didn’t – you can blame it on Life ! ]


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